New Life Prayer Request 

Bro. & Sis. Bowman- strength & wisdom to lead the church

Bro . & Sis Abernathy- Missionaries to South Africa

Bro. Gray  & Sis. Sharon Abernathy- Missionaries to Zambia 

Bro. & Sis Robinette- Missionaries to Germany, Switzerland, and Austria 

Bro. & Sis Eagan- Health and Strength 

Jerry Key- knees

Caleb Bowman-  Blood Pressure

Angela Adair- Neck & Migraines

Abigail Weidner- Seizures

Jimmy Young- Job

Bro. David Butcher- CAncer

Brantly Marron- Young boy, Leukemia

Cohen Austin- 3 yr old, heart problems, and birth defects 

Amber Terry- heart

Jana Banks- heart

Mildred Eads-healing

Joe Sanders- healing

Debbie Rollins- Lupus

Jane Dingfelder- healing and salvation

Nathaniel, Caleb, & Alex Mundy

Kevin Young

Kelli & Kenny Maxwell

Brian Corbin & Missy

Luke & Clint Finley & Family

Sara Scalf- Salvation

Jessica Crane- Healing from Shingles, Autoimmune Disease & Salvation

Jim, Cameryn, Alex Crane- Salvation

Kyah & MaKayla Grub- salvation

Mike Meadway- hemachromatosis, Liver, & Salvation

Joe Ross Family

Greg Pedro Family

Lanna Pedro healing


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